Emulate Breadboard circuits, even to develop microcontrollers, with VirtualBreadboard

VirtualBreadboard is a free program that will let you emulate Breadboard circuits and more. It can help you if you develop microcontroller firmware.

Note that VirtualBreadboard doesn’t support SPICE. VBB is a circuit modelling tool with a focus on the microcontroller application code and uses simplified electronic models to virtualize the electronics for testing your code.

The program’s interface is not anything exciting, but it is clean, pleasant and well-made, presenting a wealth of functions, including a lot of models such as Arduino, HBridge, etc., in a way you can understand immediately without problems.

Features: Develop microcontroller applications, configure microcontrollers, create Control Panels for Embedded Applications, study solderless Breadboard circuits, write documentation.

Download VirtualBreadboard and Documentation