Keep track of revisions, even importing CVS, GIT or Subversion histories, with Mercurial

If you work on a project, especially as a team, you know how important a revision control system is. Mercurial is a free program written in Python that lets you monitor the versions of your project and collaborate with your team.

The program comes with detailed help files and it features a nice and easy command system able to support projects of any magnitude and a lot of developers and teams. You can download setup files for any major OS.

A great feature of Mercurial is that you can customize it to a great extent to bring it closer to the particular needs of your project. Using Mercurial you will find a great help to track changes and find the best solutions to development problems and propositions.

If you already use some similar control system, you can still try Mercurial since it will let you import your version history from other main systems such as Subversion, GIT or CVS.

Download Mercurial