Create web graphics with layers and effects, using RealWorld PaintCOM

RealWorld PaintCOM is a free image editor that will help you edit pictures with layers and assign effects to every layer. A layer can have for example a bevel effect active giving all shapes a 3D look and feel.

Many of its drawing tools and image filters are able to do gamma-aware blending and color gradient interpolation, producing correct colors by default. Beside the ability to use native plug-ins for virtually everything (filters, tool, fills, windows, codecs, storage, …), the program is also able to use the vast amount of plug-ins compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Other features: Invoke commands using mouse gestures; Vista glass-like effects – draw semitransparent shapes (using “Xxx with effect” tool) and the editor makes your shape look like a window frame on Windows Vista – it blurs background and adds shadow and reflection;

Tool presets – save and quickly restore your favorite gradients, tool settings, or colors; Tooltips are displayed throughout the user interface to explain meaning of controls, and more