Develop your ideas in a live mind map with Personal Brain creative notepad

Personal Brain is a free (for personal use and with less features than the commercial version) ‘creative notepad’. It starts with a single thought and grows as you use it. You can think of it as a living mind map with unlimited space for everything you want to remember. Each idea can grow and evolve with all related thoughts instead of being separated in folders or lists.

Use Personal Brain to manage specific projects or as an “everything in your life manager” to get the big picture on your ideas and find the right information quickly.

Where can you really go on your computer today to hash out a new idea, current event, or expand your plans in a meaningful way? Personal Brain lets you digitize your mind so you can literally see your thinking and refine your ideas. Each of your Thoughts comes to life on-screen with connections to other related Thoughts, creating a context for thinking and action.

You can access your Personal Brain from a Web browser or even your mobile device, keeping your data locally, with a backup online for remote access and sharing with friends.