If suddenly Open Hardware Monitor, SpeedFan or similar tools fail to report temperatures

I use several hardware monitor tools such as SpeedFan, Open Hardware Monitor, HWinfo, and more, which however now started to fail! For example, OHM’s desktop gadget reported just like before the temperature of the CPU, but not the temperature of any of the hard disks! The same with SpeedFan!

I use the latest version of all those tools, therefore I didn’t need to download anything. Besides, it would be improbable that suddenly all of them had a newer version and stopped working simultaneously! A second guess was that something changed in the OS.

Then I recalled that when I opened those programs Windows Defender issued a notification I didn’t read! Well, opening them again I read that they were not allowed to change something in the memory!

The solution was obvious and you are welcome to follow it if you face the same problem and you use any of these or a similar tool to monitor temperatures. Just add whatever tool you may use to the exceptions of Windows Defender! Next time it starts, it will be able to function as always and let you monitor how hot your hard drives are! Enjoy!