Keyboard shortcut to create a new folder in Windows Explorer

If you create new folders frequently to organize your files, you can do it by going to the file menu or by right clicking on a blank area of the parent folder, or by pressing the “New Folder” button in the toolbar.

Yet, there is a faster way, just this magical keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N. Use this shortcut, and you will have immediately a New Folder ready to accept a name that you decide.

Unfortunately, before you enter a name (or press Esc to keep the “New Folder” as its name) you can not press again Ctrl + Shift + N in order to create immediately more folders.

Wish I could press the shortcut to have Windows automatically keep the default name of the created folder and create another one. Right now, when you need a lot of new folders you can create one, then copy and paste it immediately as many times as you want.