Removing Outlook from an Office installation, without damaging other apps

Strange as it may seem, when I press the mail button on my keyboard instead of Thunderbird, which is my default mail client, Outlook opens, along with Thunderbird! Probably the system is configured to use Outlook for some services and Thunderbird for other services, so that both programs have to open.

I don’t use Outlook, thus I decided to remove it. This is as easy, as opening the Control Panel and changing the configuration of Office. There is just a detail one may fail to notice.

When you locate the Microsoft Office reference in the Control Panel do not click on it, because this way you will uninstall all Office programs. You must Right Click and select the second, not the default, option, which reads “Change”.

A dialog will popup with all of the Office features. Right Click on the Outlook entry and select the “Not Available” option. In a couple of minutes Outlook will disappear from your life! Follow the same way to uninstall other Office programs if you need to.