Record Web Streams in Firefox with Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper is a free, working and convenient add-on for Firefox that will let you save videos and images from Web sites. It works with most video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, Liveleak, Vine, UStream, Fox, Bloomberg, RAI, France 2-3, Break, Metacafe and much more.

You can select video quality against your storage space. By default it displays 6 variants per video. An interesting feature is that you can choose domains for which videos will be ignored.

Video Download Helper supports HTTP, MP2T, F4F and more streaming formats. It is also able to capture directly from the screen. You can use it to capture a full browsing session, optionally highlighting the mouse position. It is able to detect series of links to media files and download them in a single operation. It can also record HLS chunked-streamed videos such as Periscope live streams. You can provide a search query to match a stream session description.

A premium (paid) version includes video conversion and joining, but you can download videos with the add-on, and then convert them using other nice video freeware. Video Download Helper is a reliable and easy to use Firefox add-on you will find very useful if you need to record and download on line videos.

Install Video Download Helper