Pass a command to a program with Open With Arguments

Open With Arguments is a free extension for the Windows explorer that will let you directly pass arguments to executable files.

Instead of opening a Command Prompt, changing to the appropriate directory, and typing in the filename and parameters, you can right-click on any executable file directly in Windows Explorer, select Open With Arguments, and enter parameters.

Open With Arguments can be used with both GUI and CLI applications.  When launching a CLI application (such as a batch file), the Command Prompt will remain open after execution to allow the user to view any output.  Open With Arguments can be configured to work with any executable file format recognized by the Windows shell; by default, it works with .exe, .bat, and .cmd files. Argument history is supported.

Once you select Open with arguments…, a small dialog box will pop-up, listing the name of the application you are launching in the upper-left corner.  Enter the arguments you wish to pass to the application, exactly as you would from the command line (a space at the front is not needed).