Download Winmail Opener, to read and save Windows Mail dat files

Winmail Opener is a small freeware that allows you to view and extract/save the contents of TNEF-encoded messages (winmail. dat). If you receive a winmail. dat file on your e-mail, with Winmail Opener you can view its rich-text contents and attachments. TNEF stands for Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format.

You may receive winmail. dat files from senders who use Microsoft Outlook (97, 2000). Winmail. dat contains all attachments and rich text; not all email clients can recognize this format.

Features: Supports RTF message text extraction. Drag-and-drop TNEF-encoded files into Winmail Opener to open them. Drag-and-drop decoded attachments from Winmail Opener to any location to save them. Handle embedded attachments via standard system popup menu (Open, Open with, Copy, etc.) Supports command line mode for batch decoding. Multilingual interface. (10 Languages supported at the moment).

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