Control multiple playlists for radio broadcasting even with timers, using RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a free program that helps you to organize your radio broadcastings. It supports all common audio formats and it can extract information from ID3 tags if you prefer to avoid adding this information manually, which of course you can also do even in particular cases.

A nice feature of the program that you won’t find in regular players is the creation of multiple playlists you can use simultaneously to send content to several players. Searching your media library is easy as well as modifying sound quality in real time.

RadioDJ provides several features that are especially useful to a DJ, such as overlays, schedules, notes keeping, events, inserting of voice, song timers indicating when each song goes live, auto DJ mode, etc.

If you are interested in DJ broadcastings, RadioDJ is a free and powerful program you may like to try.

Download RadioDJ