Find, play and record on line radio stations, with Radio Ripper

Radio Ripper is a free, tiny, portable and efficient program you can use to enjoy and record your favorite on line radio stations. You can save anything you record and play with media players on your PC, copy it to your phone, etc. Recorded song files are properly named and tagged.

The easiest way to add a new station is to drag and drop it’s playlist on Radio Ripper. The program supports .asx, .m3u, .pls, .ram and .xspf playlists. Radio Ripper will let you export your favorites stations, to back them up or share with friends. The program is (optionally) minimized to the system tray letting you enjoy your music without unnecessary buttons in your taskbar.

It’s a shame for such a great program to provide so limited support for the keyboard! Normally you should be able to have a shortcut key for everything, at least a compination of Alt+Menu Letters, as is also normal in Windows, even global hotkeys for changing stations, start, pause, stop a recording, etc. It’s also necessary to be able to lower the output volume without influencing all of the system; as it is now, you can change volume only using the main Windows mixer.

Features: Preview stations from the Organize Favorites window * Save recorded songs in station specific folders * Song information button to status bar * Records MP3, AAC and WMA files * Skip commercials and duplicate tracks * Play previous and next station * Remembers station history.

Download Radio Ripper