Listen and record radio programs from all over the world, with Tray Radio player

Tray Radio is a free radio player and recorder that resides in the system tray letting you enjoy easily a wealth of radio stations from all over the world. The program includes some radio stations from Europe, but you can add manually whatever stations you may like. The setup is easy.

To just listen to a radio station you can right click the program’s system tray icon and select a station or left click and access stations you have defined as your “favorite”.

A nice feature of Tray Radio is that it lets you record easily whatever station is selected and save this recording in MP3 format. Tray Radio can be used also to play saved audio files.

Note that the program can be used even with keyboard shortcuts, in case you are not the mouse type. It provides also an audio equalizer that lets you improve sound quality.

Download Tray Radio