Edit audio tags and rename audio files with JaMP Organizer

JaMP Organizer is a free tool for tag editing and renaming of music files. It is not meant to handle everything, but the most common features:

– Artist Name – Song Title – Album Name – Year – Genre – Comment – Track Numbers

JaMP Organizer will not remove other tag frames unless you want to. And of course you can remove whole tags if you want.

When you run the program for the first time, the “File Renamer” is launched. You can launch the “Tag Editor” from the main menu (Switch to > Tag Editor). When you exit JaMP Organizer it will remember which form you had open to launch it again. There is no undo in JaMP Organizer, so be careful.

“Replace tags” removes all tags from the files and then saves the tag information shown on the file list. This is useful if you wish to clean your music files from extra tag information that you never use. “Get Tag From Filename: Preview” will try to extract information for the tag from the filename.