Download videos, even in batch mode from playlists, with VideoProc

VideoProc lets you download videos from on-line sources, such as Facebook, or record using your WebCam, live streams, etc. Note that the free version adds a watermark in recordings.

This is the free part of VideoProc, you can use it mainly as a downloader, and, if you don’t mind the watermark, as a recorder. Note that the program lets you download videos in batch mode if you need to, from playlists and channels, or by just pasting several urls.

The commercial version lets you convert or rip, and “retouch” videos with common options such as cut and merge, adding subtitles, etc. You can have a sense of the program’s abilities even in the free version, since it lets you use all these features for videos of 5 min duration or less.

The commercial version of VideoProc lets you perform tasks without having to use separate specialized editors, converters, rippers, etc., but if you are fine using them, you can enjoy VideoProc as just a downloader.