Uninstall programs cleaning leftovers, even in batch mode, with HiBit Uninstaller

HiBit Uninstaller is a free, reliable and powerful program you can use to uninstall any of your programs even in batch mode, making sure to delete also files and registry entries their own uninstaller leaves in your system.

I’ve tried some uninstallers and this is one of the best if not the best. It works fast, it creates backups if you want to, it removes programs in batch mode even (optionally) without asking any questions, and it is also able to remove MS Apps coming with Windows and MS Store. It will also let you search with Google to find info for installed programs. The only problem with HiBit Uninstaller is that you cannot for the moment change the font size in the list of installed programs, and the default font is really small.

HiBit Uninstaller includes several extra tools such as a registry cleaner, a junk files and empty folder cleaner, a startup manager and a context menu manager. The last one is not as convenient as it could be. A shortcut fixer also is included, but it doesn’t real fixes invalid shortcuts trying to locate their targets, it just deletes them!

If you like using uninstallers, HiBit Uninstaller is a free one you should try.

Download HiBit Uninstaller