Overclock your video card easily for extreme performance, with MSI Afterburner

Who wouldn’t like a more powerful video card? Even if you have the greatest card (so far), still more power is available with overclocking, and this free and easy utility can help! MSI Afterburner uses RivaTuner, a great overclocking program, and is able to overclock AMD and NVIDIA based cards.

MSI Afterburner lets you configure voltages, clocks and the speed of the card’s fan(s). Of course you need to know what you do, otherwise you may end up with an unstable machine.

You can have multiple profiles, which you can activate even with shortcut keys, for games, surfing, office work, etc, to avoid unnecessary strain of your card.

When you install MSI Afterburner you have also the option of installing a Statistics Server, but you can choose to avoid it without problem.

Download MSI Afterburner