Uninstall a program as fast as possible, even by right clicking it, with Menu Uninstaller Pro

I must admit that when I uninstall a program, I spend a lot of time (couldn’t be spending more) since I use Revo Uninstaller to detect probable remains after a program’s official uninstaller finishes.

If you want to get rid of some programs fast, not caring for meticulous detections and super clean methods, you must try Menu Uninstaller, a free application that will add an option to the right click (context) menu of your programs’ shortcuts, letting you uninstall a program directly from its shortcut.

Just select your program’s shortcut icon, click on the right mouse button and choose “Uninstall”. You won’t need to go to control panel and then to “Add/Remove Programs”, in order to find and uninstall you program.

Perhaps the program should include an option of checking for leftovers, just in case you don’t mind losing some time.