Uninstall unwanted applications completely and safely, with Comodo Programs Manager

Comodo Programs Manager is a free utility that will let you uninstall programs, drivers, services and Windows components. It monitors and records every change that a program makes to your computer so that it can completely undo those changes when it’s time to uninstall.

Features: Monitors your programs and keeps track of all changes they make to your computer * Completely removes unwanted software, drivers and services * Detects and removes remnants of failed and partial uninstalls * Instantly adds or removes Windows components and features * Allows you to restore accidentally or mistakenly uninstalled applications * Built-in scanner warns you if you are about to install malware

The monitoring functionality of Comodo Programs Manager keeps track of the sometimes intricate and obscure changes that are made during the installation and usage of a program.

CPM also creates a backup of the files, folders, data and registry entries when a program is uninstalled – allowing you to easily restore any program you uninstalled by mistake.