Compress folders or files individually in ZIP or other formats

You may have this collection of files or folders you need to zip individually. You can zip them one by one manually if they are few, but above a certain number the task becomes really boring.

It is easy to automate this job with a combination of 7-zip and a batch file that takes advantage of 7-zip’s command line options.

You can download from this page two batch files. The first one will zip each file that is included in a folder, placing the zip archives in the same or in a different folder you can define at will. The second batch file will do the same but for folders, likewise placing the zipped versions of them anywhere you like.

Therefore, before you run any of these batch files, open them in the Notepad to configure the Source and Destination addresses, as well as the address of your 7-zip installation (normally should be at \program files\7-zip.)

Note that the zipping is performed for the root address only, it won’t proceed recursively.