Extract DVD multichannel audio for headphones, or convert it to stereo, with DVDtoHP

DVDtoHP is a free and powerful program that lets you extract multichannel audio from DVD movies, a format you can enjoy with headphones. It will also convert, if you prefer, multichannel audio to stereo.

Note that the program can function also as just a converter from one format to another, e.g. from Flac to MP3, etc., and it supports almost any audio format you can imagine, even SACD dff and dsf, in batch mode too.

DVDtoHP uses a so called artificial head / binaural conversion mode that resembles the six channel effect in headphones reproduction. This mode is irrelevant if you choose to convert in stereo (speakers) audio.

To have an idea, there exists a version of “Aero” of Jean Michel Jarre specified as a “Dolby headphone” version. The DVDtoHP version from ripping the DVD sounds better.

Download DVDtoHP