Increase your Cloud storage, even with sync and sharing options, using a Yandex free account

Free Cloud storage, from Microsoft to Google, is limited normally to 5 GB, but you can enjoy (a lot) more free space if you combine several accounts together. Yandex offers 10 GB for free and Yandex.Disk is the official program you can use to manage this space.

Yandex lets you share files with anyone, which is a normal option for all Clouds. The program is simple and similar to the software other Clouds offer, letting you select local folders to sync with your Cloud folders.

Sharing a file is as easy as sending a web address to anyone you like. A not that common feature, at least not without additional software, is taking and sharing screenhsots immediately, even being able to edit these pictures using a dedicated editor, if you need to resize, crop, add some annotations, etc.

A great feature is that the program lets you use your own shortcut keys for various functions bypassing what is provided by default. If you need more free space on the Cloud, Yandex and its Yandex.Disk free software won’t disappoint you!

Download Yandex.Disk