Save your files easily to local or network drives, even using FTP, with BackUp Maker

BackUp Maker is a free (for personal use) and powerful tool that will let you backup your files to several locations, local or remote, zipped and encrypted. Note that the program creates only zipped backups, if you prefer a simple copy (synchronization) you can get instead, by the same author, Synchredible, another freeware that synchronizes your folders without compressing them.

The program is easy to use, and even easier! since it provides a level that lets you backup your personal files (Windows Libraries), along with your bookmarks and email, without having to define filters or select folders. Of course, even if you select this level, you can always add even more folders and use filters.

BackUp Maker will let you also program a backup job to start when Windows starts, when a USB drive is connected, etc., even resume a job, and of course make incremental backups if you prefer.

Regarding the output, the program can password protect your backup and even divide it in order to fit to several drives or disks. If you’d like to save your backup using FTP, this too is possible.

Download BackUp Maker