Control your PC with your eyes, using OptiKey on screen keyboard

If you face health problems such as Motor Neuron Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, that prevent you from using a keyboard and mouse, OptiKey can offer some help.

OptiKey is a free and powerful program that lets you use an eye tracking device to control your keyboard and mouse. If you don’t have such a device you can use instead your mouse or your webcam to send commands to OptiKey. OptiKey inserts spaces between words and capitalises letters automatically. You can also let it type words and phrases instantly by “swiping” or with “auto-complete”.

OptiKey is easy to use, as it should be, built around an on-screen keyboard. You can press this keyboard’s buttons using your eye-tracking device or your mouse. Placing this way the cursor above a button activates a timer. After specified time elapses the button is pressed automatically.

Instead of an eye-tracking device you can also use a web camera in co-operation with software able to detect eye movement through a web camera. A great and free program able to do that is Camera Mouse. Of course you need to spend some time to configure your eye-tracking utility to enjoy the benefits of OptiKey.

Download OptiKey