Protect your eyes, with the Dell U2711 monitor

This is a troubleshooting post against eye fatigue, but the solution it proposes is not free, it costs about $ 800, and is called Dell UltraSharp U2711. It is an amazing 27 inch monitor, featuring a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (make sure your video card can handle this resolution), a quality H-IPS panel, ergonomic construction and superb aesthetics. [You may like to read instead about the successor of this monitor, the Dell U2713H. Note that this was replaced by Dell UP2716D, the main difference being the thin bezels. Don’t miss also this post about how to Protect yourself from the LED blue light of your screens]

I don’t know why a large monitor would be kind to the eyes — perhaps it is its 2560 resolution and the sharpness that comes out of it, I don’t know, yet the result is indeed surprising: less or none at all eye fatigue. But, I owe a more detailed review to anyone who uses a computer many hours a day: do not think that a monitor of $ 300 – 400 is “good enough”. It is not. It is unacceptable. You will understand this when you buy a high end monitor such as Dell u2711.

As briefly as possible, the main features of this Dell creation are: sharp, detailed, images, clarity, great colors and color consistency, text like sculpture, plenty of desktop space, and -although the monitor is big- less eye fatigue!, thanks to the abilities of performing miraculously even in low brightness and contrast levels.

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