Control your mouse with the keyboard, using Mouse Emulator

Mouse Emulator is a free utility you can use to control the mouse with keyboard keys.

Adjusting the mouse speed: Double click on one of the .reg files (included in the download) and restart the program to change mouse speed. E.g. double-click on SlowMouseSpeed.reg and restart the program if you think the mouse speed of mouse emulator is too high. Mouse Emulator reg files provide a “fast” and a “slow” speed. I’ve found the fast speed to be not fast enough, so I created a third reg file you can download separately, if you need even more speed and you don’t know how to edit registry settings.

Mouse Emulator does not allow changes of its default settings (except for mouse speed), but the default settings are convenient enough. When you run the program, it will show you which keys you have to press to move the mouse cursor.

* Please note that Mouse Emulator won’t run without problems on Windows Vista or later. For a reliable solution check the free NumPad Transformer.

* Check also this list with the best free mouse utilities.