Restrict access to any number of web sites easily, with Website Blocker

Website Blocker is a free and simple program that you can trust if you want to make impossible for users of your computer to open certain web pages. The program can be used in a general context of parental or employer control, etc.

Note that you don’t have to let Website Blocker running in order to keep forbidden sites blocked. However if someone knows that the program exists, he can open it and revert the adjustments. If you need this kind of security, you have to place it in a hidden or encrypted folder. But then advanced users can download it again and overcome restrictions.

You can block as many sites / domains as you want and anything you select appears on a list, to be located easily if you decide to remove a restriction.

Website Blocker does not depend on a specific browser. Whatever browser you may like. all forbidden sites will remain beyond reach. Adding and removing domains doesn’t need a restart, your changes are activated immediately.

Download Website Blocker