Snap windows to a grid even in multiple monitors, with GridMove

GridMove is a free program that will help you make windows management easier. It builds upon the Aero Snap idea, providing more flexibility, custom ways to snap windows, and customizable shortcut keys. GridMove seems a little complicated, but after a while you won’t imagine Windows without it – if you need arrangements or ‘snaps’ frequently, if you use two monitors, or if you can’t use the default and only hotkeys of the official Windows Aero Snap utility.

GridMove defines a layout similar to a grid on your desktop, to which you can easily snap windows. The program comes bundled with powerful predefined grid templates, but also provides ways of creating one’s own grid or using other users’ grids.

The following hotkeys can be configured through the tray menu -> hotkeys. By pressing WIN+G the grid will come up, and you’ll have a small box in the middle of the screen. GridMove will now wait for you to press something. If you press esc, it’ll quit. Command mode is very useful for moving a window somewhere real fast, or for cycling grids using the keyboard. If you press a number, the window will be moved to the corresponding grid part. If you press N GridMove will switch to the next grid on its list. If you press M, the window’s maximize state will be toggled. If you press 0, the window will be minimized. If you press R, the script will be reloaded.

GridMove supports multi-monitor setups. This means that the grids can also be used in monitors other than the first one. Don’t worry if you use a grid that is created for multiple monitors on a single monitor layout; GridMove ignores the parts that are supposed to appear on non-existent monitors.

Download GridMove