Prepare your book for publishing, even with free templates, using BookWright

BookWright is a free program by Blurb, you can use to prepare your book for publication. It supports the creation of photo and trade books, magazines, ebooks and it provides convenient templates. The interface is pleasant and easy to use. You can drag and drop images anywhere you like, add text using text boxes or import text from RTF files.

In case you already have your book in Microsoft Word, and it’s a complex one, with footnotes, indexes, and the like, just convert your document in PDF and create separately a cover for your book, because BookWright won’t help you in such a case.

BookWright lets you also add numbering, headers, etc. A spelling checker is available to make sure your text is free from errors.

A nice feature you won’t find in Word or Acrobat, is that BookWright can detect image resolution problems and notify you to add the necessary quality of images. Other parameters of printing are also checked, such as misplaced text.

Download BookWright