Enjoy different wallpapers and screen savers on two monitors, with MurGeeMon

MurGeeMon is a free program that will make your life easier if you happen to use two monitors on your PC. Windows provides basic functionality, but who wouldn’t like some more options?

MurGeeMon lets you have a different wallpaper on each of your monitors, a different screen saver, move any window to the other monitor using a shortcut key or selecting what to move from a list of running apps.

A nice feature of MurGeeMon is that it lets you select shortcut keys (if you like) for most of its functions.

The program is made after Office 2007, it is elegant enough although outdated, and a little more complicated than it could be. If you are careful you won’t lose your way, but you need to be careful. A real disappointment is the lack of flexibility when you choose screen savers. You cannot select items (scr / savers, or photos) for your “other” monitor from any folder you like. In fact, you cannot even select savers, only photos and only all (no individual selections are possible) that are included in your default pictures folder!

Download MurGeeMon