Download free Google Camera (Gcam apk) for Redmi Note 7

Would you like to use Google Camera with your Redmi Note 7 smartphone? There have been several attempts of making this possible, I have tried three of them and I present here the one that seems to work best.

Since it is free you don’t have anything to lose, however note that Gcam won’t let you use the 48MP mode of Redmi Note 7. Not that you need it all the time, but if you do you have to use the official Redmi Camera.

For your important pictures at least, always shoot using the official Redmi camera, then if you have time try also Gcam and see if the result is satisfactory. Sometimes it is even better. To install it, copy the apk file to the downloads folder of your Redmi Note 7 phone, and run it.


Download Gcam for Redmi Note 7