Calibrate your monitor easily and create monitor profile for consistent prints with Calibrize

Calibration is the act of changing the behavior of your monitor to best match the desired colors. Calibrize, is a freeware that will help you calibrate your monitor in three simple steps. In addition, this utility will produce and install a monitor profile into your system.

The monitor profile tells other applications the color behavior of your monitor. A reliable profile will also enable your system to maintain consistent colors from monitor to printer.

After your computer resumes power from a power saving state, Calibrize needs to reload your color settings. To this end Calibrize uses a small application called ‘CalibrizeResume’ which always runs in the background.

The objective of Calibrize is twofold: Ensure color fidelity throughout the different components of the computer system. This means Calibrize helps to make a reliable print of the colors you see on the screen.  Ensure colour fidelity of colors in relation to one another throughout the computer system.

Download Calibrize