Font Properties extension reveals supported code pages and more in the context menu

Here is a possible scenario. You have this group of fonts and you need to locate fonts supporting a specific language. Right clicking and selecting the properties of your fonts won’t give you this information. If you open the Control Panel and select a font, you won’t get this information.

Especially if your font collection is huge, the best way to locate fonts supporting a specific language or code page would be to perform a search, but I haven’t found such a utility.

Microsoft offers a free shell extension that will add several new tabs to the properties dialog box for OpenType and TrueType font files. It is called Microsoft OpenType font file properties extension.

If you right click on a font file in Windows Explorer, after you install this MS extension, you will enjoy specialized property tabs for your fonts. These include information relating to font name, the origin, license, embeddability and copyright, the code pages supported by extended character sets…