Customize the SendTo context menu easily to add or remove options

When you right-click on a file or folder, you have the option of using the “Send To” context menu to perform various operations on this file or folder, send the contents to the printer, to a folder, to some application, etc.

Some programs may put shortcuts there, which, in the course of time, along with the System shortcuts Windows has already placed, leaves you with a “Send To” menu full of options you might never really need. If you want to remove some of those items, or even add others, you can easily delete or add new shortcuts to the “Send To” menu, by just opening it as a normal folder!

To open the “Send To” menu, go to Start – Run (or press Win + R), type “Sendto” (one word, without space) and press Enter or click OK. The “Send To” folder will open, presenting you all the currently available shortcuts. Delete or add what you want.

If Windows refuses to open the SendTo folder that way, you can navigate to it manually, by going to your system disc (usually C), then to Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo