If Foobar2000 context menu to play or enqueue folders disappeared

If you use Foobar 2000 to play your audio files and have enabled shell integration, you might be surprised to see very often the context menus of Foobar disappear.

This happens if you have installed Windows Media Player. Whenever the context menus of WMP appear, those of Foobar disappear, and the opposite.

To solve this problem try to set all media defaults to Foobar or other players, except for the Windows Media Player. You can do this by going to Start Menu, and then choosing the “Default Programs” menu at the right column.

If this won’t work, or if you can not even change all the defaults, perhaps the only way to solve your problem is to uninstall Windows Media Player (which will also disable Windows Media Center).

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  1. Spony says:

    oo, that was a real quest))
    wmplayer integrates as deep as hell, only killing**

    thanks a lot