Download free Wavosaur audio editor

Wavosaur features multiple document Interface for working with many files in one session; All classic editing functions: cut, copy, paste, paste mix, paste replace/insert, paste to new file, trim/crop, delete, undo.

Processing options: mute, channel convert (stereo->mono, mono->stereo), insert silence, change volume, normalize level, fade in/out, invert/flip, undo. Resample, bit-depth convert (8,16,24,32 bits), pitch shift, vocal removal, DC offset removing, auto-trim, silence remover, interpolate, auto detect region, crossfade loop, exporting multiple wav file from regions. Wavosaur can import, save and edit loop points & markers informations in wav files. Snap to zero-crossing. Batch processing : apply process/effect/VST effects to an entire folder.

Export files as text for using in software such as Matlab, Excel or PSpice. Loads wav, mp3, aif,aiff, raw binary, au/snd, ADPCM Dialogic vox, Akai S1000 sample, Amiga 8svx & 16svx. Export MP3 (support for lame encoder). You can chain VST effects in a virtual rack, save and recall your chains. You can tweak the effect and listen to the processed audio in real time. Wavosaur can load & save presets for VST effects, display several VST GUI at one time, and more.

If you need basic editing operations (select, cut, copy, etc) try Audacity, which is more convenient.

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