Clean and customize your context menu entries, with portable Context Cleaner

Are you trying to get rid of some useless entries in that super long context menu? Here is a free and simple program that will help you enjoy a cleaner context menu.

Context Cleaner is a portable application (no need to install, just run it to start your job) divided into two columns. At the left you see various occasions when context menus appear, such as folders (when you right click a folder) or extension (when you right click an MP3 file, or a JPG file, etc.) The right column presents context entries you can disable.

Note that the program can also add custom context menu entries you can define.

Unfortunately Context Cleaner won’t find all context menu entries, only some of them and in most cases not that many… Since it is free and portable you have nothing to lose if you download and try it. If Context Cleaner proves unable to help you, you can try ShellViews, two powerful utilities you really want to try!

Download Context Cleaner