Backup your Winamp equalizer presets

If you created a few equalizer presets in Winamp, you may wish to save them somehow on a backup location, in case you reinstall Winamp and lose them.

To save the Winamp equalizer settings, you need to copy just a single Winamp system file to a safe location. The file where Winamp stores the equalizer presets is called Winamp.q1 and is located at the Winamp folder of your profile, usually at C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Winamp — but you can open this folder easily, using a system variable, by pressing Win+R and pasting there this command %appdata%\Winamp

If for any reason you lose your Winamp equalizer settings, just paste Winamp.q1 over the file with the same name at the Winamp settings folder in your profile, and restart Winamp.

To export individual presets, you can open the Winamp equalizer, press the presets button, then Save > To EQF. A file with the extension .eqf will be saved in a location you will choose, containing the preset currently used by Winamp equalizer. There is no way to export all presets on a single .eqf file.