Have fun making music with Mario Paint Composer

Mario Paint Composer is a remake of the music system included in the original Mario Paint for the Super NES.

You can use Mario Paint Composer in your Windows desktop without having the game, to have fun making music.

If you want to bring in all your old Mario Paint 1x songs all you need to do is copy your prefs folder from version 1 into this folder.

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1 Response

  1. Caleb G says:

    7.8 out of 10.

    This music maker is very simple and feels exactley like the original Mario Paint, except with added features. Such as the ability to save your creatations as an audio file.

    Pros: Great download if you’re looking for an easy, fast, idiot proof retro style music maker.

    Cons: Is very limited, but thats half of what makes it so simple to use.