Update Office or Windows off line whenever you like, with WSUS Offline Update

WSUS Offline Update is a free program able to download necessary files and create a script to update MS Office or Windows when your PC is off line. As always, before you use utilities like this make sure you create an image of your system disk, just in case you need to return to the previous state of your machine. The program lets you decide if you want to download only the basic files, or even service packs, etc.

WSUS Offline Update is easy to use, but not that attractive since its interface is outdated. Just make sure you get all the files you need for the right architecture of your Windows and Office installation.

Instead of using just a script (the program creates that for you) there is also the option of burning a DVD or formatting a USB flash drive to use that for your update job.

Of course WSUS Offline Update is not a replacement of the official Windows Update procedure. Its purpose is to let you install your system in case you somehow have stayed behind, but after that you should use the normal Windows Update to install partial update packages as they arrive from Microsoft.

Download WSUS Offline Update