Windows Text Size Changer adjusts individual OS font properties without magnifying everything

With Windows 10 Creators Update Microsoft decided to remove the advanced display options that let us adjust separately the font size in menus, icons, title bars, notifications, etc.

I guess Microsoft wanted that to keep some consistency in how the GUI appears, but the option of increasing everything at a level of, e.g., 125%, brings even greater distortion the overall appearance of windows. Therefore, in my opinion, Microsoft’s decision was not that wise.

In any case, there is a chance to fine tune these elements without magnifying everything in Windows and without entering the perilous fields of the registry, just by using a free and small utility.

Windows Text Size Changer comes in two flavors, and simple and an advanced one. Both are free and portable (you don’t need to install them, just unpack and play).

The simple version features sliders for each element you can change, the advanced version lets you change font size points, typeface, even distances between icons.

(Note that a program called Winaero Tweaker does a similar job but it is incompatible with Windows 10 and you will end up with missing system fonts such as Segoe UI!)

Windows Text Size Changer will ask you to save your current settings in case you need to revert the changes; don’t hesitate to do it.

Both versions are included in this tiny (40 KB) download. Enjoy!

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