Recover a frozen mouse without restarting your computer

Various problems such as driver conflicts may make your mouse freeze. In any case and especially if it is rare and you don’t feel the need for further investigation, you can unfreeze your mouse without restarting the computer.

The first solution would be to unplug the usb cable of your mouse and then connect it again. If your mouse includes on/off switch, unplug it and turn it off, then connect the usb cable and turn the mouse on using the switch.

If even this did not help, enter StandBy / Sleep or Hibernate mode and then return again to the normal use of your PC.

To enter a “mouse reactivating” mode go to the Start Menu “Power” options and select “Sleep.”

In case that your mouse is still frozen, you have to restart Windows.

* If your mouse is wireless, you may also need to check if it is time to charge or change the batteries.

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