Recover a frozen mouse without restarting your computer

Various problems such as driver conflicts may make your mouse freeze.

In any case and especially if the problem is rare and you don’t feel the need for further investigation, you can unfreeze your mouse easily without restarting the computer.

The first solution would be to

But what if you just want to restart Windows without using the mouse? Press the Win button of your keyboard, and write “Restart”. Use the arrow keys to select Restart and press Enter to restart, and enjoy! You can also get Windows Rule, a free utility that will make shortcuts in your Start Menu for easy Restart, Log off and Shut down.

* In difficult times (but not only then!) you need also an alternative / emergency way of performing mouse moves. Download NumPad Transformer, to give mouse power (and much more) to your keyboard.

* Check also Mouseketeer, a simple utility that moves instantly the mouse cursor to the center or any side of the screen, and Window Manipulator, a program that will let you drag or resize any window easily with the mouse.

* Check this list with the best free mouse utilities.