Best free cataloguing and directory indexing applications

InsideCAT will let you catalogue your disks, removable or not. It can find any file or folder inside a group of drives. It will also extract thumbnails of bitmap files, and it includes a designer for CD/DVD labels and sleeves. Files are directly opened in five ways: just insert the disc and click.

Visual CD is a disk cataloging tool to index the contents of your CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, BlueRay Discs, USB disks, hard disks, folders and allows you to search them without loading them one by one to your computer. Visual CD can index by name, date, ID3 tag data, audio-video and picture information. It can also generate thumbnails from picture and video files, and even catalogue files contained in Zip/Cab/Rar/7-Zip archives. You can password protect catalogs, create MP3 playlist files without having the physical disks in the drive. Upon insertion of the corresponding disk, you can open files, extract Zip/Cab/Rar/7-Zip archives, split files, and more. Features: Search across multiple catalogs; index dimensions and duration of video and music files; index dimensions and date picture taken of picture files; save directory structure to Text Document; catalogue to HTML Document, Microsoft Excel File, Rich Text Format and Text Document; build Visual CD Portable; move, copy, rename and delete a catalogue without leaving Visual CD; auto switch drive; advanced Rename; duplicated Files Finder; File Splitter; photo Rename, and more.

InventoryPlus The program lets you record and monitor your sales and costs, materials, units, customers, suppliers, accounts and everything. You can also make your reports for transactions, stock, etc. And of course backup, even scheduled, is there waiting to make you feel safe.

Gentibus CD will let you scan your removable drives or photo CDs and store thumbnail images of the pictures on your PC. You can use Gentibus CD to search your disks easily, without loading them. Export the file lists to HTML and CSV formats; Retrieve from internet the titles and authors of your audio cd-roms; Extract information from avi, text, html, wav, mp3 and program files, and more.

Sitemap Creator reads a folder and it’s subfolders, to produce an html table of contents. This can be used to print the contents of this folder, or as a sitemap. Sitemap Creator will let you exclude files and folders with a name you will specify. You can not use regular expressions.

Dir2HTML will help you transfer a directory to HTML. It will build an html index file out of your directory structure. Dir2HTML supports recursive indexing, can create sub-sections for each subfolder within the index file and link files for online and offline projects using a custom link-prefix.

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