Search fast, even replacing, with or without indexing your disks, using ScanFS

ScanFS is a free (for personal use) and powerful program that lets you search your files, even their content, to just locate them or perform replacements, even using regular expressions or via command line arguments!

The program is able to create catalogues of local or removable drives, but you can use it only to search without indexing.

Search results can have previews, letting you have a look at the context of your keywords (thumbnails for images) without opening them with a third party program. A great feature is that ScanFS can save your search criteria in case you use them often.

If you need a program to search fast your disks or any group of folders, with advanced options, or even create indexes to be browsed even when a disk is not connected to the PC, ScanFS is a free program you may like to try.

Download ScanFS