Translate texts easily using several on-line translators, with QTranslate

QTranslate is a free utility you can use to translate a text easily, from whatever program you may be working with. Of course, you always need an internet connection since the program takes advantage of several on-line translators.

The program offers two ways you can use it, you can press a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Q) after you select the text you want to translate, or you can select, copy and paste your text to QTranslate. Obviously the second way is more troublesome, but if for any reason you don’t like to use a keyboard shortcut, you have also this option.

QTranslate will translate your text using Microsoft, Google, Baidu, Naver, Yandex Babylon, Promt and more. You are allowed to use all services, compare translations, select what you like, or use everything and combine the best parts of them.

Besides translation, the program lets you use on-line dictionaries to search for the meaning of words and check spellings.

Download QTranslate