Make HTML indexes of folders even recursively, with Dir2HTML

Dir2HTML is a free program that will help you transfer a directory to HTML.

It will build an html index file out of your directory structure. Dir2HTML supports recursive indexing, can create sub-sections for each subfolder within the index file and link files for online and offline projects using a custom link-prefix.

Features: Transfer a Directory Structure and Files to a single HTML File; Include Subfolders (recursive); Create Subsection for each Subfolder or hide Subfolders; Create HTML Sitemaps (in .htm Format); Mask (Search Files); Link files using a custom Link-Prefix; Add a Back-Link; Add Size; Add Date; Add Description Cell;

Add Summary (include total size and number of files); Lowercase Files and Folders; Uppercase Files and Folders; Convert Spaces in Links to %20; Custom Page-Title; Table Align and Width; Custom Fonts and Colors.