Catalogue local or removable disks, even with thumbnails, using InsideCAT

InsideCAT is a free program that will let you catalogue your disks, removable or not. It will also extract thumbnails of bitmap files. The program includes a designer for CD/DVD labels and sleeves.

Features: Complete and automatic cataloguing of any PC disc (any letter drive) or folder. – Cataloguing of CD-Audio disks. – Compressed files support. – Multimedia files: five types 29 formats support;

Makes thumbnails of photo files. It also extracts EXIF metadata. – Powerful textual search functions. – Labels and sleeves designer for CD/DVD boxes. – Emergency de-compressor. – Six graphic style reports. Four ASCII style reports, Customizable;

Files are directly opened in five ways: just insert the disc and click. – No third-part software is necessary, it has “built-in” routines for all file formats.