Scan USB drives and DVDs to create even thumbnail indexes of your photos, with Gentibus CD

Gentibus CD is a free program you can use to scan external drives and photo DVDs to create in your PC indexes with thumbnail images of your photos.

Gentibus CD extracts information from pictures such as focal length, exposure time, etc. You can have several disk catalogs which you can explore using many criteria.

The program lets you browse the indexes as virtual drives, providing also a special thumbnail panel to preview easily images you have stored on external drives. You can have a special browser for each format — video, audio and program files — and you can also view the contents of archive files (rar, zip).

Gentibus CD facilitates fast access of files you have in your indexes and it can also create HTML and CSV lists of drive contents. You can also use Gentibus CD to fetch from On Line databases information about titles and artists of your music collection.

If you have media collections on USB drives and DVDs you will find Gentibus CD a very useful program.