Create vector graphics, logos, icons, etc., with advanced but easy Gravit Designer

If you are after vector editing, to create icons, logos, or any illustration, and you are unwilling to learn a really complex application like the Adobe Illustrator or you just prefer to work with freeware, this is a program you may like to try.

Gravit Designer features an Adobe-like interface and a lot of functions, without being too difficult.

The program is organised in tabs, it lets you draw of course with layers, add several effects, etc., everything you would expect from an advanced vector editor, such as a lasso, knife, pen, magichand, and much more, all the usual stuff you may need for your web site or flyers.

Gravit Designer supports saving as PDF, JPEG, SVG, PNG and of course printing. If you don’t need all those super specialized functions of the Illustrator, you will find in this advanced editor more than plenty.

Download Gravit Designer