Edit and convert RAW images with Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee is a free RAW converter and digital photo processing software.

Features: Selectable high performance demosaicing algorithms (EAHD and HPHD and VNG-4)  * DCRaw 8.82/1.398 for decoding RAW images  * Image post processing in 16 bit / channel mode * Auto exposure with adjustable clipping point / Exposure compensation / Shadow and highight compression / Contrast adjustment, curve editor;

White balance adjustment in RGB space * Highlight Recovery * Brightness / Contrast adjustment, curve editor * USM sharpening applied on the CIELab luminance channel * Color shift control in CIELab color space * Fast switching between different post processing profiles;

Image flipping horizontally or vertically, rotation by 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise * Simple lens distortion correction * Crop tool * Chromatic Aberration correction tool * Channel Mixer for Red, Green and Blue channels * ICC based color management * Output file formats: JPEG (8 bit), PNG (8 or 16 bit), TIFF (8 or 16 bit) * EXIF data preserved in JPEG output (except crw files) * Output directory and automatic file naming customizable * File browsing with thumbnails, and more…